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International Frozen Semen Importing Information

Import options are from:

  • Stallion AI Services in the UK offering various stallions.
  • Gestüt Falkenhorst ( Celle, GennTrans or Lusche ) in Germany offering main book approved colored Warmbloods. Other stallions also available from stallion stations. UPDATE: The grand Gwen Gregorio has passed this weekend 12/3/22. All semen sales and import are postponed until all final arrangements for her horses are made. This may take up to or around 3 months. Thank you for your understanding.
  • GrandView Sport Horses in Australia offering approved Knabstrupper stallion and 2 very interesting young prospects.

Drauma Hestar offers Frozen Semen Import Services year-round.


Customs, transport and Epermits will all be arranged for you. We offer our services to help you import semen from anywhere in the world. It doesn't just have to the scheduled shipments we have arranged. If semen is frozen per USA protocol (doesn't have to be only the stations above mentioned), we can get it here!

We offer help in any of the aspect of importing. You don't need us to do it all? You do the leg work and we will fill out the Epermit (if that is what you prefer). Have questions about the process? DraumaHestar can certainly help you ❤️


Have a stallion outside of the USA that you would like to have frozen for USA clients? We can help guide you to freeze per USDA protocol and get it into the USA.


**So far I have interest in importing semen from Russia and Germany. I really would like to get a head count of interested parties and stallion selections no later than Jan 1, 2021**


The calendar below will be updated when the date for import is actually set. You will be able to view the dates and approximate timeframe once we get closer. 

Morgengold II foal
Morgengold II foal
Morgengold II foal

In 2017 there was a mare waiting to be inseminated at the vet the day the semen arrived in Ocala. She had a beautiful filly in 2018! Above are pictures of her at her GOV inspection.

This is Magnolia ( Lily Stargazer [ Blue Eyed Dream ] X Morgengold II ) she was not only premium awarded at the Oldenburg Breeders Society (GOV) inspection at Equivale, she was also the site champion!

Stallion Semen Prevously Imported

Drauma Hestar has previously imported or helped import semen from the stallions below. Mini Gypsy Vanner semen is available for purchase (located in the USA).

Chess M, Multicolor II GF, Morgengold II, Alasdair GF, Win the Gold and Milky Way GF have been successfully brought into the USA from Germany. Danny Daly's Picasso and Broadbent's Ronaldo the Mini Gypsy Vanner semen made its trip from the UK successfully too!

Let us help make your dreams come true!

Chess M
Multicolor II
Morgengold II
Win the Gold
Mini Gypsy Vanner
Mini Gypsy Vanner

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