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Pyxis as a foal

Pyxis av Drommarna Offspring

Cora born
CCS Adonis as a foal
Willow as a foal

When breeding to Pyxis he will guarantee passing his LP and/or PATN(1) genes 50% of the time per each individual breeding. That being said, out of a total of 17 foals, he has 10 foals that are visually colored and 7 foals that have no spotting color visually (2 were color tested and have PATN1, the others have not been tested). 

LP (Leopard Complex Spotting) is a white pattern in horses characterized by a variable amount of white in the coat and must be present in order to see leopard spots and spotty characteristics. LP is important to have when unlocking all of the color options when paired with PATN1.

PATN(1) is a modifier of the LP and controls the amount of white in the coat pattern. In order for high levels of white spotting to be visible on horses that inherit PATN(1), LP must also be present.

  • LP only = Spotty characteristics and varnishing

  • LP + PATN(1) = Spotty characteristics + coat pattern

  • PATN(1) only = No spotty characteristics + no coat pattern

Pyx’s foals have three quality gaits and fantastic temperaments. He consistently improves rhythm and balance to all three gaits, but especially adds balance to the canter. 

Offspring Characteristics

  • Lots of natural balance

  • Good expression, pretty heads

  • Nice, long, prominent wither

  • Good topline

  • Well-shaped, muscular croup

  • Correct leg conformation

  • Quality movement, very great in walk and canter

  • Very good trot

  • Very balanced canter

  • Natural scope for jumping

  • Fantastic temperament

  • Height, bone

  • Nice feet

Ideal Pairing

  • Adds height and bone to modern mares

  • Hot jumper types

  • Also successful with older types of Draft

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